LOCAL DELIVERY AVAILABLE EAST COAST BATTERY AND ELECTRIC FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1948 100 SW 17TH STREET FT LAUDERDALE, FL. 33315 PH  954-522-2403 FX  954-522-3701 © 2011 East Coast Battery & Electric, Inc.    All Rights Reserved Site Designed & Hosted By: ReadyToGoOnLine.com East Coast Battery and Electric is a family owned and operated business  since 1948. Serving South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami and the Caribbean, Bahamas and more. Tim Switzer took it over from his father in the seventies and his two sons, David and Steven, have followed in their father’s footsteps. We now strive to serve you with the same integrity and respect that both Tim and Ralph Switzer showed their customers. We specialize in marine and automotive alternators, starters, windlass motors and DC motors of all types including Bow Thrusters both new and rebuilt.  We carry all types of batteries. Deka, Lifeline, Optima, Odyssey, Rolls, Surrette, Toyo,  AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) GEL, Intimidator, Dominator gel, Master Volt, Sonnenschein gel.    HOME Home Alternators Acid Marine Batteries Rolls Acid Marine Batteries AGM Marine Batteries Rolls AGM Marine Batteries Gel Marine Battereis Marine Starters Rebuild & Repair MONDAY - FRIDAY 8AM - 5PM EDT