All alternators and starters are repaired in house. All alternators receive new bearings, a new regulator, new brushes, new diodes and Insulation paint on windings   to help protect from the harsh element. Hi output alternator upgrades available. on some models. Make your alternator work with external smart regulators. All starters receive new brushes, bushings, bendix drive, solenoid and insulation paint on field windings and  armature. EAST COAST BATTERY AND ELECTRIC FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1948 100 SW 17TH STREET FT LAUDERDALE, FL. 33315 PH  954-522-2403 FX  954-522-3701 © 2011 East Coast Battery & Electric, Inc.    All Rights Reserved Site Designed & Hosted By: REBUILD AND REPAIR Home Alternators Acid Marine Batteries Rolls Acid Marine Batteries AGM Marine Batteries Rolls AGM Marine Batteries Gel Marine Battereis Marine Starters Rebuild & Repair MONDAY - FRIDAY 8AM - 5PM EDT